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Workin’ It: Eton Mess with Berries and Cherries (Michigan Fruit Part 4)

Whipped cream and fruit, you guys. Summer basics. They’re packed into jars, and are occasionally patriotic. Consider these the american flag denim shorts of your summer dreams. Pretend you dream about shorts like that.

OH! I made a total of 4 recipes for this feature. Click here, here, and here for the first three posts.

And meringues too! For the crunch-factor! Based on the meringues sweetness, I’m going to tell you right now to go light on the sugar everywhere else in the recipe — like barely sweeten the other components.

Because it’d be a shame to have such a pretty striped jar of summer goodness be too sweet. And let’s let those berries and cherries sing! I bet they’d sing the prettiest songs if they went to karaoke. They’d sing about love for sure.

I first saw these on Hungry Girl Por Vida. Check’em out there too!

Well, this is the last of the four recipes for Michigan Blue Magazine’s summer issue. Hope you guys liked them!

Yay! Click HERE for a downloadable pdf of the recipe shown above.

Summer 2012 // Michigan Blue Magazine
Food and styling by Megan DeKok (me!)
Photography by Cybelle Codish (this is her blog)

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