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let's work together // take a megabite

I’m available for:

1. Food styling // Looking for a food stylist to work with on a client project? Check out some examples of my published food styling endeavors in the posts right HERE.

2. Sponsorship // Would you like to get more exposure for your business? Contact me about advertising! (I can even design the ad!)

3. Social media food photography and styling // Are you a restaurant or business trying to promote your product on Facebook, but having trouble getting it to look the way you want? I can work with you to get appealing photos of your product to promote your business.

4. Food writing and recipe developement // I love working with brands to develop fun and new recipes . Currently, I’ve worked with Silk SoymilkWisconsin Cheese, and Go Bold With Butter making cookies and mac & cheese galore!

5. Brand ambassador // If you’re looking for a blogger to represent your brand, let me know!

6. Baked goods // Throwing a small party and trying to find unique treats to serve? I’m available for small catering jobs.

7. Travel // I’m available to represent your brand as a travel food writer/photographer.

8. Misc // If you can think of anything else that you think I’d be a good match for, e-mail me!

Would you like to work with me? Let’s love food together! 
E-mail me at takeamegabite at so we can get started!

Take A Megabite is currently a contributor for Betty Crocker and has been featured on:



The Huffington Post

The Kitchn

Food Network UK via Sprinklebakes

Food Gawker


Eat It Detroit : Solid Chick Blogs

The Detroit Foodie

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5 thoughts on “Work With Me”

  1. Hi Takeamegabite,

    My name is Laurin. I am a current college senior, living near Detroit. I am a lover of homemade food and beautiful things. Within the past year I have started my own cooking blog, on which I go by the name Coco. I am new to the world of blogging – both posting and reading. I came across your blog and have been inspired by your work. Your design sensibility is clean and classy – I adore it!

    I was hoping that you might have some advice/input for my blog and/or for a career. Your post about Zingerman’s (!) caught my eye. I realized that you are “workin’ it” nearby. I will still be living in the area after graduating, and I am looking for a summer job/internship. Are you looking for any assistance over the summer? (I hope this is not too forward). I have experience in Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator & InDesign). My interests include: cooking/baking, photography, architecture/design, and dancing. If you are looking for any assistants/interns, I would be willing to learn and to help out! I can email you my resume and my portfolio. Thank you so much for your time!

    Laurin (Coco)


  2. Hey Laurin!

    We have a medical lifestyle talk show here in Detroit called Ask Dr. Nandi. We are filming a bunch of shows in September and several are cooking segments. We could use some help in shopping and helping prep food and styling. Would you be interested in helping out?
    Can we talk? 810.348.7532

  3. Hi, I am Ekko from zaful( pin-Program Team.

    I hope I am not intruding! Honestly we find you on your pinterest account( ), we’re looking for partner here and we love your pinterest!

    We begin to promote our products on pinterest some time ago, and I noticed that you had a great account(which really attract my attention) , so I am wondering if we can co-work with you, and how to?

    We love your pin style, so we’d like to cooperate with you to reach a win-win situation between us!

    I am looking forward to your reply!

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