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Banana Bread Remixes for Betty Crocker

Banana Bread Remix // take a megabite

Here’s some honesty. I live alone, right? Just me and Elliot the pup. And the truth is, I pretty much never have leftover banana bread. I always WANT to have leftover banana bread for cubing and mixing into ice cream, baking as french toast sticks, or for sandwiching with Nutella and toasted coconut, but when I have banana bread I eat it for every meal.

Banana Bread Remix // take a megabite

The day I was sorting out the details for this project was a day when I ate three pieces of banana bread for lunch… So now I’ve learned my lesson. ALWAYS make at least two loaves of banana bread. One loaf for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacking and one loaf for dessert-ifying.

Banana Bread Remix // take a megabite

Find the post with all the directions for what to do with tasty leftover banana bread right HERE.

21 thoughts on “Banana Bread Remixes for Betty Crocker”

  1. Oh, this is just pure magic, Megan! I have learned that my sanity is definitely aided by having 2 loaves of any bread-like thing I make, and I love the idea of saving a second to make fun little riffs. PS: that banana bread ice cream? Egads, that looks glorious!

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