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Strawberry Coffeecake

Strawberry Coffeecake // take a megabite

This coffeecake has nutmeg in it making it taste like a donut. And it can count as a breakfast, mid-afternoon snack, or even a first dinner. It calls for strawberry jam, and so I whipped up my favorite strawberry freezer jam with a vanilla bean for good measure. And, I have to say, that this stuff was super hard to photograph… solely because I wanted to eat it so badly! I gobbled up two slices in a row, and loved every second.

Strawberry Coffeecake // take a megabite

And did you know, this is my first yeast coffeecake! I want to experiment with more now! It has minimal rise time and maximum deliciousness. I love that it has coconut in the crumb topping, too. It adds just a bit more tasty texture. So give it a whirl! Use your favorite jam, preserves, jelly all up in this. I have a feeling they’d all be dreamy. In my heart I’d like to put chocolate chips in it… but what does my heart know?

You can find the recipe on the Red Star Yeast website right HERE. You can also follow these lovely folks on Facebook and Twitter for more recipes like this one.

Strawberry Coffeecake // take a megabite

Full disclosure:
This post is brought to you in collaboration with Red Star Yeast. I was compensated for making and photographing this recipe. Thanks for supporting my sponsors that make this blog possible! And, yep all these opinions are my own! I truly love the hell out of this coffeecake.

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  1. this coffee cake is absolutely happening this weekend.

    also, i always mean to ask you this but forget — where did you find that lovely table cloth/piece of fabric/tea towel? every time i see it in your photos, i love it more.

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