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I’m available for:

1. Food styling // Looking for a food stylist to work with on a client project? Check out some examples of my published food styling endeavors in the posts right HERE.

2. Sponsorship // Would you like to get more exposure for your business? Contact me about advertising! (I can even design the ad!)

3. Social media food photography and styling // Are you a restaurant or business trying to promote your product on Facebook, but having trouble getting it to look the way you want? I can work with you to get appealing photos of your product to promote your business.

4. Food writing and recipe developement // I love working with brands to develop fun and new recipes . Currently, I’ve worked with Silk SoymilkWisconsin Cheese, and Go Bold With Butter making cookies and mac & cheese galore!

5. Brand ambassador // If you’re looking for a blogger to represent your brand, let me know!

6. Baked goods // Throwing a small party and trying to find unique treats to serve? I’m available for small catering jobs.

7. Travel // I’m available to represent your brand as a travel food writer/photographer.

8. Misc // If you can think of anything else that you think I’d be a good match for, e-mail me!

Would you like to work with me? Let’s love food together! 
E-mail me at takeamegabite at so we can get started!

Take A Megabite is currently a contributor for Betty Crocker and has been featured on:



The Huffington Post

The Kitchn

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Laurin Aman March 13, 2013 at 9:05 am

Hi Takeamegabite,

My name is Laurin. I am a current college senior, living near Detroit. I am a lover of homemade food and beautiful things. Within the past year I have started my own cooking blog, on which I go by the name Coco. I am new to the world of blogging – both posting and reading. I came across your blog and have been inspired by your work. Your design sensibility is clean and classy – I adore it!

I was hoping that you might have some advice/input for my blog and/or for a career. Your post about Zingerman’s (!) caught my eye. I realized that you are “workin’ it” nearby. I will still be living in the area after graduating, and I am looking for a summer job/internship. Are you looking for any assistance over the summer? (I hope this is not too forward). I have experience in Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator & InDesign). My interests include: cooking/baking, photography, architecture/design, and dancing. If you are looking for any assistants/interns, I would be willing to learn and to help out! I can email you my resume and my portfolio. Thank you so much for your time!

Laurin (Coco)



Megan May 1, 2013 at 11:27 am

Hey Laurin! E-mail me and we can see what’s up!


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