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Classic Rich Bread

Classic Rich Bread // take a megabite

Let’s have some real talk about bread-baking. Once, I made some pumpkin sandwich bread after a break-up to prove how fine was. Like, “Hey, I’m fine, just making bread like usual. No biggie. Could you hold up my backdrop for me while I shoot it?” Bread means life’s normal, right? Another time I made bread to win a boy back, and it did not work. (It’s cool because he wasn’t right for me.) I was all, “Oh this old loaf? Yeah no big deal… I just researched like 7 versions of it to get this one just right for your toast breakfasts and sandwich lunches.” Bread has a place in my heart. It’s a solid way to bake your feelings, you know?

Classic Rich Bread // take a megabite

I like how this lovely classic rich bread (classic like Chanel, little black dresses, and banana Nutella crepes) makes three loaves! This means, that you can give one to the boy you want to win back, one to the dude who you’re proving you’re over, and keep one for yourself. Win, win, win. Michael Scott would approve.

Classic Rich Bread // take a megabite

So, bake your feelings! Bake this bread! Keep an eye out because I just might French toast it. I might grilled cheese it. I might not share these loaves  at all. (Except that I gave one to my tax guy because, why not). It really is tasty! And there’s something about this stuff once it’s toasted. Honestly, topped with jam it tastes like cake. Topped with honey it’s a dream. Basically it’s a dessert and I love it.

You can find the recipe on the Red Star Yeast website right HERE. You can also follow these lovely folks on Facebook and Twitter for more recipes like this one.

Classic Rich Bread // take a megabite

Full disclosure:
This post is brought to you in collaboration with Red Star Yeast. I was compensated for making and photographing this recipe. Thanks for supporting my sponsors that make this blog possible! And, yep all these opinions are my own! I truly love the hell out of this bread. Toast erryday!

Instaliving // take a megabite

Pho Hang Fo Sho // Making this bread while other dough rose
Chuck! // Pizza at the Woodbridge Pub

13 thoughts on “Classic Rich Bread”

  1. Gurl you got me wantin to make bread at home to give to somebody.. and any guy that isn’t head over heels for you babe doesn’t deserve this bread or french toast or banana bread or ice cream or I’ll just stop here….. xo

  2. i totally bake my feelings. i also bake to keep my coworkers happy / avoid office drama and also, maybe to discreetly prove that i’m a little bit more awesome than they are. which makes me sound like a weirdo jerk, but since we’re being honest…

  3. Confession: I’ve never made a legit loaf of from scratch bread all by myself. I’ve been feeling a lot of feelings lately. Maybe there is a connection there. Sometimes kicking boys in the knees helps. I’m just saying, I’m here for you. <3

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