Vegan Banana Bread for Two

Guys… I had the oldest banana burning a hole in my kitchen table. And the truth is, when it’s freezing out and there’s like a¬†foot and a half of snow outside, the main answer is to warm up your house with baking AND to eat that goodness right out of the oven. So I had this for a snack and then chips and salsa for dinner, and I might’ve looked like a scrub all day…

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Banana Bread Remixes for Betty Crocker

Here’s some honesty. I live alone, right? Just me and Elliot the pup. And the truth is, I pretty much never have leftover banana bread. I always WANT to have leftover banana bread for cubing and mixing into ice cream, baking as french toast sticks, or for sandwiching with Nutella and toasted coconut, but when I have banana bread I eat it for every meal. The day I was sorting out the details for this…

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Insta-recipes #2

Sit back, sip on a greyhound, and take in the fact that it’s January and things are cray-cray! Anyhow, I just thought that today I’d share recipes for some things that have popped up on my Instagram lately. P.S. I can’t believe I’ve never posted that tomato soup! Make it for a hottie, and write about your love in it. Soup romance. These biscuits are half roll half biscuit. They’re the best of both worlds.…

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