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Workin’ It: Roasted Peaches (Michigan Fruit Part 1)

I can’t stop thinking about these peaches! I might have to make them for my parents when they visit. I think everyone would love them!

I made these for a special summer issue of  Michigan Blue Magazine. They wanted simple but classy dishes to show off local produce. We did our best to make all of the fruity goodness look like major hotties.

OH! I made a total of 4 recipes for this feature. Check back for posts about recipes 2, 3, and 4 in the next few weeks!

After shooting these, Cybelle and I chit-chatted, sat on the floor, and ate these peaches like they were cookies. We both were impressed with peachy skills.

And these can multi-task! They can be serve as the salad course or dessert. Either would work! I think these are just good at being rustically pretty while being delicious and impressive. Trust me.

P.S. Don’t like goat cheese? Try fresh ricotta or even gorgonzola.

Yay! Click HERE for a downloadable pdf of the recipe shown above.

Summer 2012 // Michigan Blue Magazine
Food and styling by Megan DeKok (me!)
Photographs by Cybelle Codish (this is her blog)

21 thoughts on “Workin’ It: Roasted Peaches (Michigan Fruit Part 1)”

    1. Yeah girl! You’d love this. I should’ve made this for you for breakfast instead of those randy waffles that once.

  1. I made roasted peaches with goat cheese and almonds yesterday – it is so funny to see nearly the same here on your blog! Btw, it looks soo delicious – your photography is great!

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