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Let’s celebrate summer with cheese.

Because perfectly sunny and breezy days should be celebrated with cheesy snacks and boozy drinks. And because backyards were meant for impromptu parties.

Check out my summer entertaining feature over on the Wisconsin Cheese website! There you’ll find the recipes for the tasty things pictured: Cucumber Vodka with Greek Salad Picks, Asiago Egg Bites, and for dessert, Hot Fudge Sauce with Brie and Berry Picks. You’ll also find some entertaining tips that I totally live by.

Full disclosure: I was compensated by Wisconsin Cheese for my guest post.

9 thoughts on “Let’s celebrate summer with cheese.”

  1. Love this!!! So totally super cute and stylin’ in the best cheesy way possible! MMM…now I’m hungry for a curd or two.

  2. What a gorgeous post, the vibrant food is making me drool! I love that you made devilled eggs, people keep telling me they’re too 70’s and no one likes them … yet they’re always popular. it’s odd.

    & Greek salad on a stick? GENIUS. It’s the little things in life …

    1. Thanks, Jay! And yeah man, deviled eggs are totally a hip and cool snack still. They’re so good! And cute!

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