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Workin’ It: Cake + Blinis + Mousse

Sometimes I skip lunch and eat cake and blinis. Sometimes I put fresh figs in the middle of a bundt cake. Sometimes I load up my car with dishes and food and hang out with my homegirl Cybelle. Sometimes I get my food styling on freelance-style.

I made this stuff awhile back for Michigan Blue Magazine. They wanted warm wintery chocolatey things and appetizer things. So I made a chocolate gingerbread bundt cake!

I sautéed some pears in brown sugar and butter for cake garnish! It was tasty! And it’s totally an easy dessert in a fancy outfit. Kind of like a fancy yet comfortable dress from Anthropologie or something.

Then blinis happend. I love them because they’re pretty much just mini pancakes that you serve appetizer-style instead of crackers.

I made a fig compote to pair with pistachios on some. The idea comes from this cupcake. Cupcakes are inspirational always.

The other flavor option was spinach dip and sun dried tomatoes. I can thank this little appetizer for this one.

My favorite was this mousse though. I’ve made it before right here. This time I layered in some ganache and whipped cream.

Cybelle and I totally sampled them. We just had to! I even had another one when I got home.

So days like this are how I end up with cake and mousse for lunch. It’s pretty fun.

Winter 2011-12 // Michigan Blue Magazine
Food and styling by Me
Photography by Cybelle Codish (this is her blog)

Yay! Click HERE for a downloadable pdf of the recipes shown above.

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  1. I posted just after you at Oh Joy and saw your name was also Megan, then I went straight to your blog and found out you have this amazing food website! Liking sweet stuff must be a Megan-thing haha. All the above treats look so good, I wish I had the skills to make it but I am definitely going to give one of your tasty looking recipies a try.. you never know, it might work out for once!

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