Wintertime Favorites

Hope you’re having a lovely and magical, winter! One filled with surprise presents in the mail, plenty of hot cocoa, cookies, goat cheese, and holiday beers galore. Just thought I’d share some things that I’m loving  (now and forever-ever like Andre 3000). 1 // Fondue Pot of My Dreams. My online lady friend Sarah (who takes such lovely photos) mailed me this fondue pot! I pinned it awhile ago so she knew I loved it! It…

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Workin' It

Workin’ It: Cake + Blinis + Mousse

Sometimes I skip lunch and eat cake and blinis. Sometimes I put fresh figs in the middle of a bundt cake. Sometimes I load up my car with dishes and food and hang out with my homegirl Cybelle. Sometimes I get my food styling on freelance-style. I made this stuff awhile back for Michigan Blue Magazine. They wanted warm wintery chocolatey things and appetizer things. So I made a chocolate gingerbread bundt cake! I sautéed…

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Gingerbread Penguins

Jake loves penguins. I love Jake. These cookies were a no-brainer, really. This dough is delicious. I had to try it, right? I had to test to make sure I didn’t forget a key ingredient like molasses, Christmas cheer, or love. These gain the freshman 15 in the oven. It’s adorable, really. Mostly, I love how these are chewy. They aren’t a crunchy boring cookie. They have personality. They are penguin gentlemen of the tasty…

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