Workin' It

Workin’ It: Cake + Blinis + Mousse

Sometimes I skip lunch and eat cake and blinis. Sometimes I put fresh figs in the middle of a bundt cake. Sometimes I load up my car with dishes and food and hang out with my homegirl Cybelle. Sometimes I get my food styling on freelance-style. I made this stuff awhile back for Michigan Blue Magazine. They wanted warm wintery chocolatey things and appetizer things. So I made a chocolate gingerbread bundt cake! I sautĂ©ed…

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Spinach Dip Bites

I’m hungry. I’m hungry just looking these guys in the eye again. I’ve been daydreaming about these for weeks, you see, and they were as tasty as I imagined! I miss them already, and I promise that it’s not just because of their cuteness. It has more to do with my love for spinach dip and my greater love for all things mini. Basically, I need to go make more of these, then you need…

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