Workin' It

Workin’ It: Infused Vodka

Infusing vodka is magical. The vodka transforms from clear to fruity brights. Boom. Three days go by and you can casually sip fruity vodka on the rocks. No biggie.

For this story I made seven different kinds: watermelon, peach vanilla, cherry, strawberry basil, blueberry, cucumber, and raspberry blueberry blackberry.

My favorite is watermelon. It tastes like a refreshing summer dream. I also love the cherry and strawberry basil. So, pretty much you should just slice up your favorites and pop them in a jar. Top with vodka and a lid. Shake it around for 3 days, strain, and serve.

P.S. Michigan has quite a few tasty fruit-infused beers! I’d like a strawberry blonde to chug on a patio, please.

Click HERE for a larger readable pdf of the layout/recipes above.

Summer/Fall 2012 // Metro Detroit Bride magazine
Styling, Art Direction, and Design by Megan DeKok (me!)
Photography by Cybelle Codish (this is her blog)

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      1. Hey ladypants, I’m trying to track down a hard copy issue of this mag and we don’t seem to have it stocked anywhere in NZ… I contacted the publisher who informed me it would cost USD$90 (USD is worth about twice as much as NZD) to get a free (ha!) copy of it shipped over here … I’ve got a pal in NYC looking into getting a copy for me. But if she can’t…Would you potentially be able to post one to me if I PayPal you the moolah?? Is that weird? Sorry if it is.

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