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Let’s make our faves with Silk!

Silk Soymilk Honey Banana Smoothie // take a megabite

Silk Soymilk has a whole new taste that I find to be super delightful! It reminds me of slightly sweetened cereal milk, and I’m into it. I love it in my favorite frozen banana, honey, and cinnamon smoothie. Don’t be fooled by this smoothie’s khaki ensemble, it’s subtly sweet frosty goodness.

Coconut Oil Granola with Silk Soymilk // take a megabite

It’s super good poured over my favorite crispy coconut oil granola. Popping a few berries on top doesn’t hurt either. It’s one speedy, yet tasty breakfast.

Dirty Silk Soymilk Chai // take a megabite

Chai tea and soymilk are total BFFs. Some sort of magic takes place that makes this beverage taste like drinkable pie. It’s thoughtful, really!

Berry Crepes with Silk Soymilk // take a megabite

I whisked this soymilk into my favorite crepe recipe. They cooked up perfectly light with crispy edges. A bouquet of these guys would make any breakfast-lover swoon!

Baked French Toast with Silk Soymilk // take a megabite

I infused a cup of soymilk with a vanilla bean and freshly grated nutmeg for streusel-topped baked French toast. I could eat this breakfast every day! Treat yo’self, ya know?

Chocolate Chunk Cookies with Silk Soymilk // take a megabite

And as the ultimate taste test, I dunked the large marge chocolate chunk cookies of my dreams into some. This is a snack worth rushing through lunch for. It’s just the truth!

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This post is brought to you by Silk. Take the Tastemaker Challenge on facebook.com/silkUS.

*I was given a stipend from Silk to post about their new taste. While this is true, all the opinions above are my own. Thank you for supporting the sponsors that help make this blog of mine possible.

23 thoughts on “Let’s make our faves with Silk!”

  1. I love your photos! I never thought of all the ways soy milk can be used! I’ve been drinking almond and coconut milk for the past 2 months. Now I’m thinking about all the other applications! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. I completely forgot how much your site makes me smile! I will be getting back to my baking. Thanks for the constant reminder of happiness!

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