My five favorites (at the moment)

My Five Faves // take a megabite

My current faves in no particular order:

  1. Kate Spade Saturday Wristlet – I got this lovely wristlet as a secret surprise present in the mail from the lovely Heather! It’s quickly becoming my favorite. Can’t get over the black and white stripe combo. (Find more wristlets here.)
  2. Capricorn Necklace – My friend Katie gave me this since we’re BFFs with the same birthday. We’re just two Capricorns who keep it real despite all the monster moons happening.
  3. Essie Under Where?Cindy was wearing this glow-y purple nail color at brunch a couple weeks ago, and I was crazy about it! I finally found it on Friday!
  4. Mint Envelope Clutch – I’d been eyeing this clutch online for a bit, when I happened upon it in the store for $19.95 with an additional 40% off. I mean, it was meant to be, right?
  5. Farfalle RingThis ring was a gift from my friend Pam! She just knew I needed a noodle ring in my life. And she was right!

My Five Faves Detail // take a megabite

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