I went to Pittsburgh!

Pittsburgh - take a megabite

I was trying to sort out a weekend getaway, when my friend Katie suggested Pittsburgh. Turns out it’s just a breezy 4-ish hours from Detroit so it’s kinda the perfect spot to venture for a quick trip. Having never been there is reason enough to go, right?

P.S. Katie and her husband Mark started a travel blog. Check it out!

Pittsburgh // take a megabite

The first night consisted of walking to get pre-dinner beers in lobster glasses. A big glass of water might’ve also spilled on me proceeding to shatter on the floor. I like to make an entrance as a spill magnet.

We went to Eleven for dinner where the mood-lighting made it a hang out more about quiet chit-chat than photography. I got the lobster roll because I can’t resist one when it’s on a menu, and my main hang got the burger. I totally should’ve gotten the burger though! The aged white cheddar they top it with makes pretty damn magical. I was crazy about the warm dark chocolate cake with milk chocolate crunch and caramel-chocolate ice cream. Sometimes I just need chocolate on top of chocolate.

Peace, Love, & Little Donuts, Pittsburgh // take a megabite

Saturday morning we got up bright and early for brunch! When I saw the sign for Peace, Love, & Little Donuts I knew I needed a brunch-etizer. I love that they make the same base donut for every kind and then top them all differently. Such a good idea! I need to go back sometime for the cookie dough donut.

Bar Marco, Pittsburgh  // take a megabite

For brunch we popped into Bar Marco where the cocktails are hotties and the staff is hip. I ordered the Croque Madame and loved every bite! The french toast was SUPER good also. I meant to ask them what kind of bread they used since it was the perfect ratio of crumble to softness. And who wouldn’t want ice cream as a part of their meal? That’s why brunch is best!

Bar Marco, Pittsburgh  // take a megabite

I love the glasses they serve their cocktails in, too! So dainty. Both drinks were super refreshing and dreamy. I need to get some grapefruits for fancy drinks at home soon, that’s for sure. I want to brunch there again!

Golden Triangle Bike Rental, Pittsburgh  // take a megabite

After brunch we rented bikes from Golden Triangle Bike Rental. The people working were super nice and gave us tips on the best routes for biking. Pittsburgh has such good bike paths that go right along the water. We rode up to Washington’s Landing for drinks sitting on a deck by the marina at Redfin Blues.

Bike break, Pittsburgh - take a megabite

And this is the part of the day where we eat way too much lunch to be comfortable riding bikes for a few more hours. I was hoping to go to Meat & Potatoes for lunch, it turns out they close at 2pm until dinner. (Shucks! Next time.) But luckily, we were nearby Market Square where the restaurants flow like wine!

Il Pizzaiolo, Pittsburgh - take a megabite

After perusing our options, we opted for Il Pizzaiolo for my first taste of burrata and way too many carbs. The meal was super delicious though, and sitting on the patio for pizza was just perfect! I’m so glad spring has finally arrived!

Il Pizzaiolo, Pittsburgh - take a megabite

We split the Manganaro Panini and the Salsicce pizza. Honestly, we should’ve just gotten one or the other, but I always seem to think that double the amount of food is the right amount. They were both tasty, but the burrata was my favorite!

Il Pizzaiolo, Pittsburgh - take a megabite

It’s a good thing that there are plenty of parks to lounge in to take bike breaks. Especially when you have a giant late lunch like we did. At this park two dogs were running free and having so much fun. They even came over to let me meet them and then they hopped up to the fountain to get a drink!

Pittsburgh // take a megabite

Later on that night we drove over to Shady Side to go to Spoon for dinner. Can I just say that their short rib appetizer was so good! It was like a short rib/french onion soup remix. It was perched on a crouton in onion broth with gruyere on top. I also loved their asparagus two ways with a poached egg. It was the perfect spring appetizer, I think!

We followed up dinner with Oh Yeah! for ice cream and it was tasty and cute! You can pick out your base ice cream and get  mix-ins galore. They even have turkey jerky, hopes, dreams, and love as options. It was fun even though a little kid gave me a mean face because he thought I cut in line. I swear I didn’t!

Pittsburgh // take a megabite

I need more weekend vacations in my life! Sometimes you just need to ride a bike in another town, ya know?

P.S. Thanks to Jessica at How Sweet It Is for restaurant recommendations!

P.P.S. Click HERE for the road trip playlist!

24 thoughts on “I went to Pittsburgh!”

  1. SO FUN! I love those champagne coupes for cocktails too! and giiiiirl, you know I always approve of chocolate on chocolate, bike rides and park lounging, extra carbz, AND burrata FTW!

  2. I love it! I feel like I was there, and am totally jealous I wasn’t!

    I’ve learned so many things from this post:
    1) I need to put some grapefruit juice in my Elderflower Vodka instead of boring old soda water.
    2) I learned what a burrata is (and I want it)!
    3) Dreams are ice cream mixing options. Who knew?

  3. Nice work! This all sounds fab! I never thought to go to Pittsburgh for the weekend. I love that the ice cream shop was called Oh Yeah! I need to start a business so I can name it something like that.

  4. Oh my lord that sounds like so much fun- and SO delicious!! You deserved a break so I’m glad you could go!! I want to eat all of that and drink all of that!!!

    1. Best days! Someday we should go on a weekend trip to somewhere not a cabin with weird-o canoes and tiny video stores.

  5. Looks like such an amazing weekend! Those doughnuts … they just look amazing. I’ve never had a lobster roll but always wanted to try one. Is there anywhere in the Detroit area to get a good one?

    1. Right?! I need to make donuts so soonly! And they have a pretty tasty lobster roll at The Sardine Room! And also a lobster waffle-wich at Monk!

  6. Hi Megan! Great and awesome post. Pittsburgh is a very underrated city- nice to see it getting some coverage. It’s been a while since I’ve been there!

  7. love! hub’s fam is in pitt…never made it to the peace, love donuts for fear of sugar coma…but must next time, looks yum! we love Il Pizzaiola. make me hungry post. nice

  8. Are you single by any chance? I have a friend in your neck of the woods who I should set you up with. Lol

  9. loved the pictures! especially the one with the pizza with “sausage in pepperoni outfits”!!!
    it reminded me of this NY pizza spot here in san diego where i once made the mistake of ordering the pepperoni & sausage slice…he yelled back with his heavy accent…ITS NOT SAUSAGE ITS SLICED MEATBALLS! that man scared the crap outta me, haha!

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