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Valentine’s Day Brunch Party

I love love. That’s why Valentine’s Day is my favorite, I bet.

Jake and I hosted our third annual Valentine’s brunch party on Sunday. It was the first in the new apartment! We encourage everyone to bring their appetites, and bubbly.

I spent the weekends leading up to the party making those tissue paper pom poms up there. Jake thought I was getting out of control. He thought they’d end up covering the whole ceiling. It almost happened…

Jake and I made most of the food the morning of the party. And so there were dishes in the sink the whole time people were over. That’s ok, right?

The crepes (on the red tray) are filled with asparagus, gruyere and bacon.

Cheese and crackers are the best snack. Break me off a piece of that goat cheese, ok? Let’s drink champagne all day, ok?

I like to plan my guest list around how many champagne glasses I have. I have 12. There were 11 of us total. Perfecto!

Every year, I make Valentines to pass out during the party. I made the one up there for my Lady Gaga-loving friend.

Mini pancake skewers are where it’s at. The ones up front are buttermilk pancakes. The ones in back are Nutella pancakes.

I want to leave these poofs up for life. That’s not a crime, right?

Jake roasted sweet potatoes and russet potatoes. He sprinkled them with green onion. They are the prettiest potatoes I’ve ever met.

That window was just the right thing to hold up mini pom poms and Xs and Os. What a thoughtful window.

Have you ever had monkey bread? It’s amazing. It’s a cinnamon sugar dream. I made individual portioned ones. (I’m going to post the recipe soon!)

Sometimes coffee and champagne hang out.

Sometimes all the fun is happening in the kitchen.

I made that Valentine up there for Jake. He loves pork, and pork love is true love.

Elliot lounged on my lap a lot and rested his head on the table. He’s a social gentleman. It’s just the truth.

All around it was a super fun day! I can’t wait until next year.

40 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Brunch Party”

  1. Thanks for posting the pictures!! I LOVE it..the food..the decorations..the sweet puppy! Sooooo special! I really do like those poms.. YOU are amazing!

  2. Your apartment looks gorgeous. And everything looks delicious. What a fun idea, I might have to do something similar next year. πŸ™‚

  3. You should probably tell me how you made those rockin’ pom poms above your table. I want those…in my apartment….now. Thanks! Oh and your party looked really cute and fun all at the same time.

  4. Megan,
    This looked just perfect!!! Your tissue poms are so good……I might steal the idea for a spring window. Your food dishes look lovely. Such a talent. And Elliot……well he is the gentleman with angel wings.

  5. Thank’s Pam! That means a ton from you. You are the best at decorating!

    You should totally make pom poms for the spring window! I can even help make them if you want. I’m a bit crazy for them myself and might go into withdrawal not making them on the weekends anymore.

    XO back at you!

  6. Good rule, Kimberly! I think I’ll do just that. They are too fun to take down yet. πŸ™‚

    And aren’t the mini pancakes, fun? They are super quick too!

  7. Thanks Cindy! I was thinking that I need to make them out of fabric. I’m going to totally try it with tulle now, thanks to you!

  8. Elliot IS a gentleman with angel wings! Haha! I love that comment so much. Megan, what are we going to do with you? You need your very own magazine, pronto!

  9. Okay, cutest party EVER and all of the food looks absolutely amazing! The invitations are adorable, the decorations so sweet and it looks like everyone is having a perfect time. Great, GREAT job, you guys!

  10. this is really adorable. I’ve been wanting to throw events similiar to this but we just moved far away and not a lot of people are cool and hip like you guys. lol.

  11. Eek- I love that you’ve already posted the link for the pompoms- as excited as I was by all of the food (little potatoes in cups, fab idea) I was already thinking I hope she tells us how to make the decorations as well- you have some lucky friends to have been invited to an event with so much thought put into it.

  12. Thanks, Lucy!

    You should go pom-pom crazy like I did. I just recently took them down, but I miss them already. πŸ™‚

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