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The 5th Annual Valentine’s Brunch Party

Valentine's Brunch - take a megabite

Sunday was the 5th Annual Valentine’s Brunch Party! It just might’ve been my favorite year yet. A record number of champagne was consumed, and people stayed later than ever!

Valentine's Brunch - take a megabite

I wanted to switch up the decorations this year, so I made this big fringe garland! And it ended up so pretty! I might want to leave it up for my whole life.

Valentine's Brunch - take a megabite

For the savory goodness I made Focaccia Cakes with Spinach Dip filling, Avocado Deviled Eggs, Roasted Potatoes, BLTs, and Avocado Fries. The BLTs were quite the hit! I made 1 oz. light brioche buns, and the sandwich consisted of spinach pesto, goat cheese, marinated tomatoes, and crispy prosciutto.

Valentine's Brunch - take a megabite

These avocado deviled eggs are going to be my go-to brunch item. So good! I adapted them from this recipe except I added goat cheese and crispy prosciutto. Everything is better with goat cheese and prosciutto, right?

Valentine's Brunch - take a megabite

Elliot wore a hot pink bow tie for the brunch! He might be still wearing it. He’s never worried about being over-dressed, ya know?

Valentine's Brunch - take a megabite

This year I made cheese pun Valentines. And you really do look gouda today! And I’m so glad I get to brie friends with Cindy!

Valentine's Brunch - take a megabiteValentine's Brunch - take a megabite

For the sweet goodness, I made Streusel-topped Baked French Toast, Breakfast Grilled Cheese made with Brie and Strawberry Jam on Chocolate Chunk Bread, and Lemon Poppy Seed Shortcakes with a Greek Yogurt and Lemon Curd Filling.

Valentine's Brunch - take a megabite

Cindy arrived early, and I’m so glad! She flipped grilled cheese and fried avocados while I assembled these shortcake sliders. She’s the best!

Valentine's Brunch - take a megabite

I love sweet sliders. These shortcakes are so tasty I’d love to always have them near for casual snacking.

Valentine's Brunch - take a megabite

The baked french toast (on my Valentine tray below) was based loosely on this recipe, except I popped blueberries in there, and put the streusel from this coffee cake on top. So easy to assemble a day in advance! And it was a hit!

Valentine's Brunch - take a megabite

The party’s over and I miss it already! You better believe these decorations are staying up for weeks.

And can you believe all those bags of empty champagne bottles? I can. The mimosas were flowing.

Valentine's Brunch - take a megabite

I’m already excited for next year! It’s my favorite day of the year, that’s for sure.

P.S. Click here and here for a peak at the past couple year’s Valentine festivities.

50 thoughts on “The 5th Annual Valentine’s Brunch Party”

  1. Gurrl, all of this looks amaaazing! Total talent with that invite and those valentines and that garland. All the food looks so good and elliot is werking that bowtie!

  2. those avocado deviled eggs and the shortcakes were totally my brie-ff’s…and the champagne! Elliot was so dapper, as usual. And, you were the nicest/rude hostess ever, ha! I love it and I’m so glad my excessive earliness helped!

  3. Meg..You ARE the cheesiest..and I mean that in the kindest of ways! Your apartment looked totally amazing…just loverly! Elliot..keep the tie…so cute!
    YOU are amazing and your friends are pretty lucky that get chosen to come and share in your special day…love you!

  4. Dude that looks totally amazing!! I’m so jealous! I have been collecting veggie/fruit valentines day puns but haven’t had a moment to illustrate and design them 🙁 Nest year!!


    1. Thanks, Nicole! It sure is fun! I kinda plan it all year. I have an ongoing list in my phone of ideas of what to make. It’s my fave!

  5. Oh my gosh, I would love to attend a party like that!! I say ‘attend’ because that looks like a lottt of work 😉
    And I would definitely leave the decorations up if I were you. At least for a little while! Very cool.

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