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Let’s make sandwiches!

Kings Hawaiian Sandwich Challenge // take a megabite

You guys! There’s a sandwich contest comin’ up. And it’s pretty exciting. So much so, that I totally cut letters out of bread to tell you about it. I kerned some carb letters last night. Believe it.

Kings Hawaiian Sandwich Challenge // take a megabite

All you have to do is make an awesome dream of a sandwich on King’s Hawaiian Bread or rolls, take a photo of it, and upload the ingredients, photo, and recipe right HERE. You have until September 2, at 11:59 p.m. (pacific time) to get your sandwich love together. Keep in mind it can be as cray as you want.

There will be 10 winners! Each winner will win a night on the town limousine-style, dinner at a featured restaurant, AND a year’s worth of King’s Hawaiian bread. Can’t go wrong. And I happen to know that you guys have sandwich skills.

Winners will be announced on September 17. I can’t wait to see what you guys make! (Here’s the sandwich I submitted!)

Kings Hawaiian Sandwich Challenge // take a megabite

P.S. Check back next week to see what my sandwich submission will be! I’ve got mad plans.

* Full disclosure: This post is brought to you by King’s Hawaiian Bread. They are compensating me for posting about this contest. While this is true, all the opinions above are my own. I really do love sandwiches. Thank you for supporting the sponsors that help make this blog of mine possible.


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