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Months of Megabites (2015)

Months of Megabites (2015) // take a megabite

2015 was full of vegan stuff, boozy things, ice cream and popsicles. Sounds juuuust about right. Peep my favorites from each month below. And you guys are my favorites! Every year.

Vegan Blood Orange Quickbread // Vegan Roasted Pepper Cornbread
Vegan Cookie Dough Fudgesicles // Vegan Chocolate Chunk Cookies with Strawberries
Vegan Cinnamon Rolls // Vegan Grilled Veggie Pizza
Sour Cherry Fro-Yo Ice Pops // Roasted Beet & Feta Biscuits
Vegan Brownies // Bourbon Gingersnap Ice Cream
Matcha Rice Krispy Treats // Bourbon Egg Nog Milkshake

P.S. I’m sorting out what my goal is for the blog this year. I feel creatively burnt out a bit lately. (You too?) Maybe it has to do with January and winter and general sleepiness and burrito-ing and wine and the need for hibernation and my aversion to going on the computer once I get home from work. SO! I’m sorting it out and the Valentine’s Brunch is coming and my Insta is always full of weird! And things are happening and I’m feeling better this year than last year so we’re already on a good path. Tell me tho, how are you?

4 thoughts on “Months of Megabites (2015)”

  1. Same as you! Thinking a lot of the bloggers are feeling the same as well. Don’t have a blog, but am a spazz foodie and am sick of healthy, gross, green, clean, seeds, recipes! No offense meant at all. Why am SOOOO glad big game is happening and V-DAY, and will be spring before we know it, (at least here in Arizona), sorry? Happy New Year!! and we will all pull thru together I say!!

    1. Teri! Thank you! And I hear ya. I’m down with healthy food if it’s also super tasty, but drinking green swamp isn’t my idea of a dream either.

  2. The answer to “how are you tho?” is that it’s another year in, and I’m still loving your blog! You have a singular, creative, vibrant voice that I enjoy every time. Your pics and design aesthetic are always quirky and fun, and somehow you manage to do what would be over-the-top on any other blog and it just. feels. right.

    I visit a lot of food blogs. Some I go to for the pictures, some for the recipe inspiration, some for the writing. Yours comes under the “absorb every single bit of every single post, no matter what” category. Thanks for that! Looking forward to a megabite 2016. 🙂

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