Package up your granola! {DIY}

Package it up // take a megabite

Last weekend, while I was in Florida, the second Rock Paper Scissors Craft Mart happened! I was asked to make vendor gifts, and needed to make something that would still be super-fresh and awesome come Sunday. I opted to make my favorite coconut oil granola with dried strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and roasted coconut.

P.S. I’m totes selling baked goodness at the next one!

Package it up // take a megabite

They needed 25, so I made 30 just in case. It turns out that a triple batch of this coconut oil granola is the perfect amount (with all the mix-ins). I stirred in the dried berries, coconut, and chocolate chips, and divided it up into large zip top bags. I weighed it all and divided it by 30 to ensure that I use the maximum amount of granola per bag! (Math, you guys. The only time I feel ok about it is with food.) I sewed some small vertical labels on each bag, zig-zag stitch style. Next time I’d make the top of the label long enough to fold over and then sew.

Have you guys ever used your sewing machine for packaging? If not, I totally recommend you give it a shot! It’s pretty simple, once you get the bobbin figured out. I always forget how to thread that jerk. There WERE a few casualties (crooked, what?!), but nothing I couldn’t redo. I hope everyone liked them!

Package it up // take a megabite

For the last show I packaged up Large Marge Chocolate Chunk Cookies and packaged them like this.

P.S. These are the glassine bags I bought for this! I wanted the bright berries to show through a little bit. I also bought some of the pink bags too. Girl can’t help it.

13 thoughts on “Package up your granola! {DIY}”

  1. Oh, wow. Let me tell you, if I received a bag of this as a gift, I would be entirely blissful. The bags are so cute! Also, I totally feel you with the maths. Only ok in regards to recipes. And I definitely want to try this one.

  2. hi! i was a vendor at the show and let me tell you..seeing that cute little bag on my table was a delightful surprise! i didn’t end up opening it up until i got home and OH MY GOD…it was so freakin’ good. thank you!
    and yes, i think you should definitely be selling at the next one.
    take care.

  3. I’ve been making my own granola for about a year now because the oat, fruit and nut concoctions in the supermarket are really expensive or they contain unhealthy amounts of sugar and fat.

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