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La Croix Giveaway // Snow Cone! Popsicles! Floats


La Croix Snow Cone // take a megabite

Have you snow coned yet this summer? Do it up! Fresh fruit snow cones are what’s up. And adding a lil bit of booze wouldn’t hurt anything.

La Croix Float // take a megabite

And did you know that rainbow sherbet is my favorite thing? It’s so pretty! Serving it with this sparkly kiwi watermelon business is so dreamy too. Totally worth summer sipping.

La Croix Popsicle // take a megabite

Or! Just serve these over a popsicle! Add a splash of St. Germaine. Live your life! (This is the most ladylike flavor, I’d say. Totally tasty.)


The new flavors of these sparkly water La Croix Curate are seriously delish. I’m kinda having trouble sharing them. I wanna chug them all! BUT you have a super cool chance here to win a year’s worth!! Just comment with your favorite thing about this summer, ok?! A winner will be chosen at random Monday, Aug 17 at 11:59pm.

Also! Don’t forget to pop over to Target tomorrow to try them!

419 thoughts on “La Croix Giveaway // Snow Cone! Popsicles! Floats”

  1. My favorite thing about summer is coming home from a hot day and cracking open a La Croix Coconut and being happy and refreshed!

  2. La Croix in the fridge at home and at work every day, sleeping in cool cotton sheets and waking up with the sun, immersing myself in fresh or sea water, sometimes with my kayak along for the adventure, road trips to see friends and family, and La Croix making it easy and tasty to stay hydrated during all my adventures.

  3. I’m fortunate enough to get my summer’s off, so I’d say that my favorite part about summer is having the freedom to spend time with my family & friends! Whether it’s hanging out at home, spending time at the pool/lake, or going to a baseball game outdoors…it’s just nice to have that extra time to share with the people I love.

  4. This summer is the first summer that my husband and I have started enjoying actually living in a river city. So the long walks and sunsets along the riverfront we’ve be enjoying together, is my answer. They are unforgettable.

  5. My sister and I live on opposite sides of the country. We don’t get to see each other often because of work commitments. But this summer, I was able to go back to the east coast and spend quality time with her. We did absolutely nothing…but it was the best nothing ever!!!

  6. The best thing about summers in my normally-rainy locale is that once the sunny days hit, seemingly everyone in the city rejoices. All become giddy with excitement for warm-weather activities and are unusually uber-available for spur of the moment park blanket hangs, swimming hole adventures, hikes, and al fresco meals. In all the aforementioned activities, a delicious cocktail or 6-pack is never far behind! A lifetime supply of la croix would sure help to stay responsibly refreshed and hydrated through the onslaught of blissfully boozy sunny days ahead! Cheers!

  7. An excuse to eat ice cream every single day!! (And I’ve lately become obsessed with La Croix. I did scream when I saw this giveaway!!)

  8. My garden! This year my green thumb FINALLY kicked in and I’ve got an abundance of tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, lettuce, kale, beans, radishes, and eggplants. Fresh food is so good. πŸ™‚

  9. The husb and I both work at a university. Summer is the best because the town gets a little quieter and he doesn’t have to teach, so we can actually spend time together.

  10. Wearing swim suits to the grocery store and no one cares. The sun tan you get from flip flops. Doing whirlpools. Watermelon as a meal. Grilling every meal possible. The sunset is so late. Afternoon rain showers. Sleeping in with my kids, no school! Drinks at 3:00, sure why not! Summer movies. Pajamas –> swimsuits — > pajamas. Sprinklers. Popsicles. Vacations. Making my grandmother’s potato salad. Iced coffee. Painted toe nails. Dragonflies that live by our pool. There is no joy without pain. There’d be no summer without winter.

  11. My favorite thing about summer is going on vacation and then pretending I’m on vacation when I’m not. So pretty much, traveling. Traveling is my favorite thing about summer and having La Croix on hand with all of their delicious, refreshing flavors. So happy to have stumbled upon your blog!

  12. Fav thing about this summer has been river days w my best friends and road trips to the coast! We’ve tried every kind of la croix we can get our hands on!

  13. My husband’s birthday! I planned a huge surprise for him. I managed to contact his old friends from when he was younger. Drove him down to the coast and had a huge bbq cookout. Live music and a ton of fun. He LOVED it!! Best summer so far!

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