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La Croix Giveaway // Snow Cone! Popsicles! Floats


La Croix Snow Cone // take a megabite

Have you snow coned yet this summer? Do it up! Fresh fruit snow cones are what’s up. And adding a lil bit of booze wouldn’t hurt anything.

La Croix Float // take a megabite

And did you know that rainbow sherbet is my favorite thing? It’s so pretty! Serving it with this sparkly kiwi watermelon business is so dreamy too. Totally worth summer sipping.

La Croix Popsicle // take a megabite

Or! Just serve these over a popsicle! Add a splash of St. Germaine. Live your life! (This is the most ladylike flavor, I’d say. Totally tasty.)


The new flavors of these sparkly water La Croix Curate are seriously delish. I’m kinda having trouble sharing them. I wanna chug them all! BUT you have a super cool chance here to win a year’s worth!! Just comment with your favorite thing about this summer, ok?! A winner will be chosen at random Monday, Aug 17 at 11:59pm.

Also! Don’t forget to pop over to Target tomorrow to try them!

419 thoughts on “La Croix Giveaway // Snow Cone! Popsicles! Floats”

  1. These flavors look amazing! My favorite part of the summer is having outdoor date nights 🙂 Complete with yummy cocktails.

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