Meet Megabite

I am a redhead who likes to spend most of my spare time in the kitchen.

Meet Megabite // take a megabite

Photographs by Kristi Gnyp Photography

My name is Megan DeKok and I’m a 30 year old lady icing donuts in the suburbs of Detroit with my pup Elliot. My hair’s shorter now and I totally ruined those sandals up there going kayaking, but just know that the cute pup you see is still my BFF and I still daydream about eating cookies until I’m full.

I work full time as a community manager for a couple different brands. Basically this means I say “totes” and “bestie” a lot for my job and take pictures of things and post them on social media. It’s really fun.

My interest in food started watching my mom cook and bake treats for years. When I moved out on my own I realized that I am the kind of girl who requires homemade strawberry jam for my toast and homemade hot fudge for my ice cream. So I started making things! I also love to entertain! Sometimes I throw brunch parties happen and I tell you all about them.

Meet Megabite // photograph by Kristi Gnyp

Thanks for visiting! I would love to hear from you. Comment away! It makes my day for real.

Feel free to e-mail me at takeamegabite (at) gmail (dot) com to chit chat or to discuss working together.

79 thoughts on “Meet Megabite”

  1. I’m so happy you are doing so well at Hour, miss you all from gosh my internship how many years ago?! Anyway, I really love your blog and elliot. If I was still in Michigan our pups would be pup buds.

    Mega-talented you are!


  2. Hey Megan!

    So glad I found your blog! I’m a midwesterner (and redhead) too, living in Indianapolis. I love all things food, so I’ll definitely be frequenting your blog. Everything looks tasty and delicious! Looking forward to continuing a good read!

    Best, Sarah

  3. Hi! I’d just like to say that your recipes are amazing and really creative! Secondly, your blog inspired me to start my own blog, chocolate shoes, which is about baking and fashion (two things I love), so thanks 🙂

  4. hi! just wanted to say hey and that i love your blog – those are my absolute favorite colors! i’m married to a redhead and grew up in clarkston, but your blog makes me wish we were in detroit (like we dream about), though we are current residents of seattle. =] i just started blogging, so thanks for the inspiration, and keep doin’ what you’re doin’!!

  5. Megan, you’re kind of cool. Love the style of your website… and the gorgeous recipes you dream up! Glad to have found this little space on the internet. Looking forward to following you from now on! xx

  6. Hey! I have recently discovered your blog and am now obsessed! 🙂 Every recipe looks AH MAZE ING! I absolutely love how you keep it real, fun, and down to earth in your descriptions of everything. All the pictures look so cool too! I love how everything has a retro feel to it…so fun! I am always looking for new recipes and inspiration, and you have given me just that. I just wanted to let you know that all the effort that you put into it is much appreciated to totally random people like myself…so thank you! I can’t wait to get in the kitchen! 🙂

  7. Hey Megan, thanks for your easy to cook recipes. I love the asparagus polenta quiche, since I’m off wheat/ gluten for a while. Your food styling is superb too. Wish you the very best. God bless.

  8. So glad to have found your blog! I follow/read many food and design blogs, and yours stands out. I love your style, both visually and in the kitchen. It’s not easy to make a food blog something special these days, but you have most definitely done it. Looking forward to 2015 with your recipes. 🙂

  9. Hi Megan
    I live in Jackson and attend church with your mom who shared your blog with me today, my husband and I live to cook and entertain we just love great food and friends to enjoy it. I think I am going to enjoy your blog. And I will have to say I am partial to red heads too sense I am married to one for almost 40 years and I have the most adorable red head granddaughter. Keep up your blog I am excited for what you have next

  10. Hi Megan!

    So I was reading through my Better Homes and Gardens this morning when I saw the “blog we love” feature and had to do a double-take when I realized, “Hey! I know that girl!”

    I grew up going to BB Church. You’re a couple years younger than me so I don’t know if you’d remember me, but my brother Sam is your age and I’m Leo Festian’s granddaughter. I remember your family well. My husband thinks it’s so funny when I say “That’s stinkin’ thinkin’!” and it was something I first heard from your dad. 🙂

    I took a bit to look around your site and I think it looks great! Congratulations on the BHG shout-out and I wish you the best of luck with your baking (and all other) endeavors!

  11. Hi, found your page, thru cindy ensley rahe FB posts, i am sean rahe’s uncle,interestingly enough, i lived in Plymouth (township) in the mid 60’s…i was a kid…. now reside in the the self proclaimed garlic capitol of the world, Gilroy… ca…. so greetings from cali

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