Farm To Table Dinner / Door-to-Door Organics

Farm to Table Charity Dinner // take a megabite

I was lucky enough to attend the Door-to-Door Organics Farm to Table Charity Dinner on Sunday. It was full of food, beers galore, lemon water, quite the appetizer situation, and was all happening inside a barn, during a storm! But you know what, you better believe I’ll stay wherever the ice cream sandwiches are.

So thanks, for having me guys! Let’s eat radish toasts, lamb with cherries, and that awesome corn with eggplant again together soon!

5 thoughts on “Farm To Table Dinner / Door-to-Door Organics”

  1. Jealous! I so very very much wanted to attend that but had to work. =( I love D2D (and your blog!)…I hope their next Farm to Table dinner will be at a time when I can go!

  2. a storm and a barn and ice cream sandwiches (are those pistachios?!)… as long as it wasn’t a thunderstorm, well count me in!!!! how fun does this look.

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