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Bruegger’s Bagels Fo Lyfe

Bruegger’s Bagel’s got a make-over and it’s looking real cute. Loving the subway tile behind all the bagel flavors!

Very into the menu too. Love me a  leafy green breakfast sandwich. (Wanna meet up this week before work for one?!)

Whoa. Sriracha egg-wich?! Count me in.

Love this bagel diagram! Not only is it cute, but f’real tho. Let’s all eat real sincere bagels that are true to themselves.

And what about this psychedelic coffee cake?! They were giving out free samples. I’m all about that cinnamon swirl.

Some further info they are proud of:

  • Their coffee is from Rainforest Alliance certified farms!
  • You can def get espresso dranks.
  • These photos were taken at the Bloomfield Hills Location!

Full disclosure:

I was paid by Bruegger’s Bagels to promote their product. But don’t let that make you feel weird. My love for bagels is ride or die. Thanks for supporting the sponsors that I get to help me keep doing what I love.


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