Thanksgiving 2012 // a recap

Thanksgiving happened already! I can’t believe it. So, I went to my parents’ house and cooked, feasted, napped, read books, and ate way too many potato rolls.

Wednesday morning my Dad and I went out to breakfast. I opted to get poached eggs instead of the Lotsa’ Meat Omelet. (Was that a mistake?) My mom and I baked a s’mores cheesecake. (Tthat crackly guy is it before it was topped with homemade marshmallow fluff). Then her and I went out to lunch for pork quesadillas. And my sister brought me the cutest beer! I need that beer again. Based on it’s looks mostly.

My mom’s the kind of lady that will stop what she’s doing to see to my hot chocolate craving. She’s awesome like that. She even let me finagle the green bean casserole again to make it cream of mushroom soup-less. Oh! And my dad is crafty! I mentioned wanting some wooden Valentine arrows and he just made them! I helped saw a little, but he’s the one with skills.

Our other dessert was a Pumpkin Semifreddo with ginger snap crumbs and salted caramel. Cindy made it last year, and I’ve been wanting it since. And it was SO DREAMY. Frozen desserts on Thanksgiving are fun. And I found this picture of me from kindergarten. I was super into vests then. I’m still into gold trim. The rest of the visit included puppy snuggling and pinwheel toast eating.

So I’m just thankful! Know it.

16 thoughts on “Thanksgiving 2012 // a recap”

  1. I am thankful also…and ALSO having a hard time believing that our Thanksgiving time together is done..but it WAS delightful…we should have another one..SOON. Love you…mum

  2. That is one top-notch Thanksgiving! That’s so cute that your Dad made those arrows and it sounds like you had lots of fun cooking and baking with your Mom. Fun!

  3. I’ve started following your site pretty recently and I really enjoy it! To be honest I think I first clicked over because I noticed we share the same name 😉 Anyway, sounds like you had a great holiday! Love the arrows!

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