Thanksgiving 2013 // a recap

Thanksgiving 2013 // take a megabite

I did my usual fly-to-Minnesota thing this year for Thanksgiving. My favorite part was probably when my mom let me eat a middle roll before dinner. I was so hungry, you know?

Thanksgiving 2013 // take a megabite

Can you believe I flew some of those bling-bling cookies there? I put them in a little ice cream tub and none of them broke!

Wednesday night was our usual pumpkin pizza night. This year I made one of my favorites: White Pizza with Lemony Greens!

And you better believe that there is this awesome little antique store in my parents’ town. I’ve got my eye on that pink mixer, you better believe it.

And I also made my usual green been casserole! It’s mushroom-less since my mom is anti-them and one of my sisters is allergic, but it goes like this: saute onions (and mushrooms) and garlic in olive oil. Add flour and sour cream and create a roux-remix. Mix in asiago and Parmesan and stir until melted. Stir this mixture with crispy onions into partially cooked green beans and then bake!

Thanksgiving 2013 // take a megabite

This year my mom broke out the super pretty blue tablecloth that was a gift from my grandpa. She even used her wedding china! It was super fun. When I wasn’t eating, I was cuddling my sister’s teeny dog Bailey, going on nature walks, and turning leftovers into enchiladas. Hope your holiday was awesome and that you also ate 4 potato rolls for breakfast every chance you got.

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13 thoughts on “Thanksgiving 2013 // a recap”

  1. So much goodness!

    I’d be glad to accompany you back to that little store for that mixer. Seriously cute stuff there!

    Also – totally thought Bailey was a guinea pig. If you know me, that’s big a compliment (I love them g’pigs!).

    1. Thanks, Heather! And yes! Bailey is totally guinea pig-esque. Such a funny lil lady!

      And yes! Let’s go give that mixer a home!

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