Summer Living

I’m not a summer professional. In fact, if I get too hot I can’t even talk! If I’m too hot and too hungry it’s double trouble. But I do have some tips that are sure to make summer even better.

1. Make pizza for a new friend! Eat it in you your back yard with some feta stuffed olives and chilly beers.

2. Paint your nails all neon-like! Orange and pink are BFFs. Let’s get bright and happy.

3. Cut hearts out of peppers to top your cole slaw. (My friend did this and it made my day!)

4. Bring big huge chocolate chunk cookies to a BBQ! Cookies don’t have as much trouble in the heat as cupcakes.

5. Sit outside! Get freckled knees! Gaze at a pup!

6. Infuse vodka! My current favorites are cherry, watermelon, and strawberry basil. Whoa. Let’s do this.

7. Eat s’mores as much as possible. Here they are in a cheesecake form! Do it up!

8. Always buy yourself flowers. They’ll make your house as happy as neon nails make your hands.

P.S. Oh! And when it’s too hot to even handle it. Let’s NO BAKE some stuff!

• Tarts! Strawberry Goat Cheese Tart / Peanut Butter Tart

• Bars! Peanut Butter Cup Bars / S’mores Ice Box Candy Bars

• Frozen! Berry Berry Sorbet / Fudgesicles / Raspberry Granita


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