South X Saints // Sunday Supper

South x Saints Sunday Supper // take a megabite

I popped into Atlanta over the weekend because I needed fried chicken. Erika’s fried chicken to be exact! You see, my girl’s been hosting South X Saints dinners every month. I knew in my heart that I had to make it to one, so over the weekend, we Sunday Suppered.

(Did you know we met in Florida a couple years ago?! We bonded over weird food and late night spaghetti with Cindy.)

South x Saints Sunday Supper // take a megabite

I painted my nails with glitter nail polish in the airport, napped on the plane and landed in Atlanta. After a quick freshening up sitch, I headed to the Garner Girls space. These twin ladeez make pickles and have a lovely space with a barn door and a blue wall. Peep dat above.

South x Saints Sunday Supper // take a megabite

We started with some cocktails and appetizers. My favorites were a tie between the gumbo (forgot to get a photo, but I ate 3-4…), and these little cornbread pickle pimento stackers (technical term). I’d like to try my hand at making them!

South x Saints Sunday Supper // take a megabite

The cocktails were a gin, grapefruit and champagne punch as well as bourbon with apple cider. Real talk, I’m not normally a gin or bourbon girl, and this night I was both, so there ya go! And now I feel like I can gin and bourbon with the best of them! Or the decent of them! Or the when-served-with-fried-chicken-them.

All 17 guests of us got these BIG servings of mac and cheese. I just want to say that I ALMOST finished mine, but I def ate 3 biscuits and dessert and wine.

South x Saints Sunday Supper // take a megabite

So the moral of the story! This dinner was bomb and I had the best time and I can’t wait to vacay with Erika in the future!

P.S. Check out Erika’s blog here AND South X Saints Supper Club here! If you’re in the Atlanta area, get on it! And if you’re from Detroit, let’s go together! XOXO

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