Roasted Peach Sliders – A Guest Post

Roasted Peach Sliders // take a megabite

I’m sharing the recipe for these Roasted Peach Sliders over on, my girl, Hungry Girl Por Vida’s blog today! She’s out of town and I feel so honored to be hanging out over on her blog today.

Click HERE for the full post and recipe.

Sup // take a megabite

I know it’s Tuesday, but I hope your weekend was glorious!

7 thoughts on “Roasted Peach Sliders – A Guest Post”

  1. Mmmm, I’ve been gorging on peaches since the weekend. Came home with a big box of them and now they’re all getting ripe. So lovely. I love a grilled peach, I imagine that a roasted peach slider couldn’t be a bad thing either!

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