Christmas 2014 – A Recap

Christmas 2014 - A Recap // take a megabite

I like my Christmas to be filled with snacks, cocktails and Home Alone. And this year it was just that! I bought my boyfriend an Instax camera so we took plenty of practice photos figuring out how it works and stuff, and then my parents came into town just in time to make my holiday even better!

Christmas 2014 - A Recap // take a megabite

I’m crazy about Belvour. I mean, these sparkling drinks taste like magic. I picked up a bottle for Christmas toasting. Elliot got a new collar and promptly napped in it, and I made cinnamon rolls because, let’s be real… it’s not the holidays without them.

Christmas 2014 - A Recap // take a megabite

For breakfast I roasted asparagus and sandwiched them in Croque Monsiers, and was so excited about how easy/delish they were! My mom and I baked some HUGE Brown Butter Nutella Stuffed Chocolate Chunk Cookies to pass out to our favorites, and also because it’s just not a mom visit without us baking together.

We rounded out with some salmon sliders, Funfetti Salad, and me falling asleep to Elf. Basically, the holidays were saved this year with a picnic basket necklace and snacking galore!

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