Christmas 2012 – A Recap

Christmas Cupcakes // take a megabite

I hope you all had the best Christmas! I baked those cupcakes up there for my BFF’s Friendsmas party. I topped the hell out of them with some of the deer and tree toppers that I’m crazy about. (Keep your eye out for them again super soon, birthday cake style.)

Christmas // take a megabite

This year I borrowed a fun 60’s aluminum tree from a friend of mine who knows what’s up. I think I should maybe keep it up all year long since it’s become best friends with my pom-pom wreath. This year instead of major cookie-baking, I went the boozy route by  infusing some fruity vodka to give away hostess-gift style. I brought some to my friend Alex’s family Festivus Party. And there were 9 dogs! I really loved it.

Christmas morning I made a casual dad breakfast. An over easy egg with toast topped with butter, honey and sea salt. I’m into it.

Christmas // take a megabite

Then I baked some chocolate chip cookies from this recipe in my newest Bon Appetit. (I topped them with smoked salt though!) Later on, my friend Kathy came over and we feasted on cheese, crackers and various cured meats while drinking bloody mary’s. We pizza and beered the night away!

Christmas Wrapping // take a megabite

And Christmas is still happening to me! You see, my parents just got into town super-early yesterday. My mom brought me the most fun vintage dishes. And we hit up Mudgie’s for sandwiches. They’re here until Sunday, so I’m keeping it real holiday-style until then.

P.S. Hope your days are full of naps, tasty food, and warm cookies! I’ll be back next week with more recipes!

5 thoughts on “Christmas 2012 – A Recap”

  1. Merry Christmas Megan!! Glad it was awesome and full of friends and good food and if I were there with you I would have taken that sandwich from your hand.

    1. Merry Christmas to you!! <3 Hope it was the best effing holiday ever for you! Sheit, I would've split that sandwich with you in heartbeat.

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