Banoffee Milkshake (plus a giveaway!)

– Contest Closed – I like the word “banoffee”. Probably because I’m always combining words. Like instead of blueberry pancakes, I might say blancakes or instead of a crumble cobbler, I might say crumomble or cobumble. These word combos aren’t nearly as cute as banoffee which is bananas and toffee (or caramel in this case) though. But regardless, you should know that this milkshake is maybe a smoothie (smilkshake?). It’s a smoothie in a milkshake…

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Let’s make our faves with Silk!

Silk Soymilk has a whole new taste that I find to be super delightful! It reminds me of slightly sweetened cereal milk, and I’m into it. I love it in my favorite frozen banana, honey, and cinnamon smoothie. Don’t be fooled by this smoothie’s khaki ensemble, it’s subtly sweet frosty goodness. It’s super good poured over my favorite crispy coconut oil granola. Popping a few berries on top doesn’t hurt either. It’s one speedy, yet…

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