sometimes + this and that

Sometimes I make moving announcements for my parents by sewing a line to a house with a heart on it. They moved on top of a bluff. It was only right.

Sometimes my sister and her husband move soon after my parents. They moved into a blue house, and then painted it an awesome sage green. Don’t worry, when she mailed these out the house was blue. Unless she’s a liar.

Once, I made honey lavender cookies and they were really pretty, but they tasted like soap. And nobody wants a pretty cookie with an awful personality. Nobody.

Elliot’s birthday was a couple Friday’s ago. After work we took him to get a doggie ice cream cone. He went crazy for it! He would’ve swallowed it whole if I would’ve let him.

One of the first things I learned to make was eggs over-easy. I’m pretty sure it was trick to get me to make my dad breakfast. It worked. So, when I visit my parents I sometimes make them for him with a ketchup face. Ketchup face is not as fun to say as nacho face. Fact.

Sometimes Jake and I wait to eat dinner and then regret not just making dinner ourselves. We have fun anyhow though and got to eat chocolate mint truffles for dessert. That reminds me… I need to make those.

Sometimes I’m out of milk with ice cream-making on my mind. I need to fix that.

11 thoughts on “sometimes + this and that”

  1. I’ve got my ice cream maker in the freezer, ready and waiting, but have no milk (or cream) in the house. It just feels like so much work to go to the store on such a nice afternoon.

  2. I did mail them out when the house was blue! I’m not a liar! And besides- the garage is still blue 🙂 For another week or so anyways.

  3. soap cookies are no good but I love your over easy eggs! I just recently learned how to poach eggs and they are by far my favorite kind of eggs now.

  4. I loved our moving announcements.. just wish YOU could visit our home on the bluff! I also love the picture of Elliot TRYING to get all of his ice cream..sweet puppy!!
    <3 <3 you


  5. I’m glad you liked it! I really do want to visit. I wish it wasn’t so many hours or I’d be there for dinner, for realz.

    <3 you back!

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