sometimes + this and that (the sequel)

Sometimes I infused a BUNCH of vodka with fruit, like nectarine/raspberry, blueberry, blackberry, and strawberry. Sometimes I have one of each flavor in a row in a Moscow Mule with a splash of St. Germaine and life is forever different. And finally Shiner Ruby Redbird is here with summer. P.S. DENIM FOREVER. Sometimes all I want is to hang out in your backyard. Let’s just trade sunglasses and try to eat kabobs and mostly talk about…

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sometimes + this and that

Sometimes I make moving announcements for my parents by sewing a line to a house with a heart on it. They moved on top of a bluff. It was only right. Sometimes my sister and her husband move soon after my parents. They moved into a blue house, and then painted it an awesome sage green. Don’t worry, when she mailed these out the house was blue. Unless she’s a liar. Once, I made honey…

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