Oven Drama + Strawberry Jam

Ok, evidently my oven is feeling under the weather. It’s just tired and doesn’t feel like being warm. AND it might’ve leaked gas all night, but since I sleep with my door shut I had no idea. So there you go.

Last night before all the oven drama I made my first batch of Strawberry Jam of the year! I even used the super cool jelly jars my grandma gave me. I just love how it’s something so simple to make and then enjoy through all the cold months. I’m even going to be making grape jelly this year. I’ll let you know when that happens.

ClickΒ HERE for the recipe!

So hopefully my oven will be feeling less dramatic by tomorrow? By Monday? I’ll let you know. I have new tartlet pans that are getting impatient.


Here’s the cake I scanned in from my Betty Crocker Picture Cookbook for my tattoo.


And here’s a silly picture of Elliot sitting on my lap where you can see my tattoo kinda blurry-ish.

So there you go! A cake holding a parasol and a purse. Why not?

6 thoughts on “Oven Drama + Strawberry Jam”

  1. All I can say is, if I were ever brave and cool enough to get a tatoo, a cake holding a parasol and a purse would be my pick, too!!

  2. Thanks guys!

    I was pretty excited to stumble across this cake illustration in my cookbook. Betty Crocker knows what’s up. πŸ™‚

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