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Lovely Lady Lunch (check it out)

Lovely Lady Lunch // take a megabite

On Saturday Cindy and I threw a lady picnic party in my backyard. You see, last summer my parents visited and we painted my picnic table Mint Majesty. It’s been begging for a party ever since.

Lovely Lady Lunch // take a megabite

We planned the menu months ago! We agree that cheese and crackers are always necessary (and caper berries!). In order to make the cheese a bit more ladylike we dressed it up like cake. I’m now officially crazy about gorgonzola, honey, and walnuts. I knew I would be though!

Lovely Lady Lunch // take a megabite

We knew we needed a or two salad and went with a strawberry, goat cheese, and almond salad. Goat cheese rolled in ground pistachios looks pretty fly and it’s super tasty. We also bought dainty potatoes and tossed them with capers, shallots, chives, and a champagne vinaigrette for a French potato salad (like this one).

And see that teeny pitcher up there? It’s full of blackberry puree. We poured a little bit of that into the bottom of each champagne glass before pouring bubbly.

Lovely Lady Lunch // take a megabite

Cucumber water makes water feel special, you know? And you know what makes me feel special? Pork tenderloin with a peach jalapeño salsa. Cindy has mad skills. She seared and cooked it to perfection, and spicy peaches are just perfect.

Lovely Lady Lunch // take a megabite

Have you guys tried Cindy’s raspberry rose lemonade? Well, I totally recommend it. We made a double batch and mixed it with vodka. We even tossed in a vanilla bean and extra raspberries with the syrup. It’s ended up the best color ever.

We ended the night talk of Mad Men and cake as the sun went down.

Lovely Lady Lunch // take a megabite

Basically it was really fun! I had so much fun cooking with Cindy! I’m so glad Nicole, Jessica, and Kathy could make it!

Check out Cindy’s blog and Nicole’s blog for more pictures!

41 thoughts on “Lovely Lady Lunch (check it out)”

    1. Thanks, Adrianna! I wish you lived near us too!

      I’ve been eating that pork tenderloin leftovers like the slices are cookies… Oh man. I love it.

  1. That looks incredible! I love all the different colours set to the backdrop of the mint table, it looks like quite the ladies lunch. The strawberry salad is beautiful, I would gobble that one up!! xx

  2. Lady! It was the ladiest of all lady parties and I’m so happy you invited me. I keep wishing I had another glass of that lemonade or another scoop of that potato salad (totally making it) or another piece of the prettiest pork in all the world! It was all fantastic! Thanks, again!

  3. LOVE THIS! looks like you gals had just the best time! i love that megan’s picnic table is basically the same colour as essie’s turquoise & caicos nail polish, which is my fave. all the food looks so delicious! this is inspiring me to host a lovely lady lunch of my own!

  4. The food all…ALL looks so delicous…and I LOVE the bright, festive and beautiful colors!! A PARTEE for the eyes!! I remember painting that table..totally fun!

  5. Oh man…I should know better than to look on your website when I’m hungry. You make everything look so amazing (I’m sure it all tastes amazing as well).

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