Let’s snack our lives away.

snack attack // take a megabite

I guess there’s some big sports thing this weekend! Let’s eat snacks!

1 Cheesy Quinoa Cakes with Guacamole and Goat Cheese // Healthy-ish!

2 Spinach Dip Bites // One bite miracle.

3 Monte Cristo Waffle Sandwich // Waffles = bread.

4 Soft Pretzels // Dunk them in Cindy’s queso!

5 Avocado Fries // I want these daily.

6 Zesty Mac and Cheese // FAVORITE.

21 thoughts on “Let’s snack our lives away.”

  1. Joy the Baker’s cookbook has avocado fries and now I see them here. They’ve got to be good. I’m taking it as a sign and making them soon 🙂

  2. i just made these and they are perfect! been so crazy busy the past few weeks, there ain’t been no chance for baking, or much kitchen time at all. these were just the thing for my free afternoon. yumz. 🙂

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