Let’s go to Cleveland!

Let's Go to Cleveland! // take a megabite

Last weekend my friend Katie and I drove off to Cleveland to eat ice cream, sip beers, do cartwheels on grassy knolls, have real talk, wear shortie-shorts, and see my boyfriend’s band play. We fit a lot of eating and fun into this overnighter.

Let's Go to Cleveland! // take a megabite

Below is a little list of links in case you pop into the city and are looking for stuff to do/eat. Thanks to my girl Jessica for all the awesome food/fun recommendations!

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams | West Side Market | Noodle Cat | Momocho* | The Happy Dog**

John Krautner***


*Momocho has some serious guacamole. My favorite was the goat cheese, of course, but I loved all of them!
** Sip a peanut butter cup beer, will ya? For REAL.
***If you’re local pop out to see them play at PJ’s Lager House on October 27!
**** It was pretty fancy, I’d say. But what’s up with cable TV? Where’t the crime dramas at?

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12 thoughts on “Let’s go to Cleveland!”

  1. Hooray you had fun and good eats! I’m from SW Ohio, but long for some of the awesome stuff Cleveland has going on, like Jeni’s (love love love!) and Willoghby’s PB Cup beer. soooo good!
    ps – made your pretzel cinna-minis last weekend and just about died of happiness eating them….as did my friends. Thank you!

  2. Love this post on Cleveland! It is such an underrated city. Jeni’s and the West Side Market are two of my favs… you missed out on Barrio though! Best margaritas and tacos in the city!

  3. Haha… I thought you said guac fights, not flights… like a big food fight and wasted guac. Glad to hear it was a fun flight instead! Any way, Jeni’s is actually from Columbus (but opening locations in many big cities). Columbus has come into its own as a foodie town and is definitely worth a visit! 😉

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