Let’s do breakfast.

Breakfast is my favorite and you guys are my favorite. Win win.

Chocolate Chip Pancakes are the cookie of pancakes. Chocolate for breakfast? Everybody wins.

This English Muffin Bread is quick. It makes using yeast feel like a breeze, and when this stuff is toasted you’ll want to marry it.

I love Cinnamon Rolls so much that I bake them in heart-shaped pans.

Homemade Bagels put store-bought bagels to shame. You’ll want to eat these for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Boo-yah.

Make these Multi-Grain Waffles and start your day off all healthy-like. These waffles don’t need much other than fruit and a smile to be delicious.

Happy breakfasting!

6 thoughts on “Let’s do breakfast.”

  1. Hey Jessica! I haven’t tried peanut flour! I’ll have to get some next time I’m at Trader Joe’s … sounds so good!

  2. They are 4 hearts connected in the middle to make a lovely flower waffle! Too bad we aren’t neighbors, we’d have waffles always. 🙂

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