Christmas 2010 – A Recap

I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas! We kept it real with the following traditions.

We wore festive outfits and drank mimosas.

We had a big tasty breakfast. This year we had chocolate chip pancakes topped with fresh whipped cream. (That’s my new big whisk down there!)

I took a picture of Elliot through my chocolate-covered gingerbread men spatula. He thought that was pretty fun.

We sipped mimosas all day while sitting on the couch, listening to Elvis Christmas songs and watching A Christmas Story and Home Alone 2.

This year we got a real tree! I thought it was a Douglas Fur, but Jake says it’s an Albus Fur, which I don’t mind. It reminds me of Dumbledore. We just decorated the tree with lights and this owl ornament.

Cheese and cracker snacking takes us through lunch since Jake make’s a big dinner every year. This year we got fancy goat cheese, an applewood smoked cheddar and an English cheese with a long name.

Jake made us a roasted pork shoulder with fancy holiday spices. And that’s our super pretty new roasting pan. It was a Christmas miracle! We also had roasted potatoes, but we gobbled them up.

It was a good Christmas filled with tasty food, bubbly drinks, my tall drink of water of a boyfriend and my cute little pup.

P. S. These are the Christmas cookie boxes I gave out, this year.

They included: Gingerbread PenguinsPeppermint Bark LollipopsCandy Cane OreosCream WafersQuick Toffee Squares, and Mini Chocolate Crinkles.

15 thoughts on “Christmas 2010 – A Recap”

  1. I loved seeing a glimpse of your Christmas.. I think my favorite picture was of Elliot peeking thru the tiny opening in the pancake turner! So cute!!

  2. NICE! I made the chocolate crinkles too, but bcos of the humid weather in singapore the icing sugar dissolved and my dad said some looked mouldy. :/ but they were nice! 🙂

  3. I love getting cooking utensils and accessories for christmas! This year I received a cast iron skillet (preseasoned!) and a 14″ pastry bag (with tips to make beautiful cupcakes!).

  4. Kangli – That’s cool that you made the crinkles! Humidity doesn’t get along with powdered sugar. I’ve had the same problem in the summertime! I bet they still were tasty though. 🙂

    Kara- Me too! Ooh those gifts sound so fun!

  5. What a lovely Christmas you had! I love your couch, Megan! So cool. And the picture of your Christmas cookie box reminds me that I still have to make the Cream Wafers and not just keep saying the words “cream wafers” (even though it’s pretty darn fun to say.)

  6. Hey Beckie! Thanks! My couch was my grandma’s couch that was in their motorhome, if you can even believe it. She is a classy lady though. 🙂

    And you totally should make Cream Wafers! They are tasty!

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