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Amelia’s 10th Birthday Party

Amelia's Party // take a megabite

Last Thursday afternoon I packed up my car and drove to Illinois for my niece’s 10th birthday party. Amelia’s been planning this party for at least a year! She had big plans regarding decorations and mini foods and thought that it’d be fun to have me there to help.

Amelia's Party Food // take a megabite

I love that she wanted mini foods! For the savory goodness, there were mini tacos and toppings, pigs in a blanket, along with hummus and veggies. For dessert she wanted mini banana pudding*, and dessert pizzas. The banana pudding worked out like a dream in the little polka dotted nut cups that my sister bought. Mini Nilla wafers were just the right thing to pop inside and use as garnish. The dessert pizzas involved these giant vanilla sugar cookies and this hot fudge, with candy toppings. The girls loved assembling them!

*I made banana pudding before right HERE if you want to make it! It’s kinda my favorite.

Amelia's Sweets // take a megabite

My sister, Sally, loved the big fringe garland at my Valentine’s brunch and so she bought some pink/brown/and white crepe paper for the party. We had enough to put behind the food table as well as along one wall for a photo booth backdrop.

The girls had fun being crazy in the photos. I asked them to do at least one posy smiley photo. Jeez, they’re the cutest little ladies ever.

Amelia's Photobooth // take a megabite

Since we didn’t have enough sweets the night before (ha!) I made chocolate chip pancakes for the family the next morning. Why not, right? Personally, I always need chocolate chip pancakes.

Chocolate Chip Pancakes // take a megabite

P.S. You guys, my computer died. Evidently it was a Mac of vintage status, but not the cool kind of “vintage”. Just letting you know in case I have trouble getting posts up promptly. R.I.P. macbook pro of my dreams.

17 thoughts on “Amelia’s 10th Birthday Party”

  1. what a fun party! coolest aunt ever! I love the big-fringe photo booth…so fun! Also, who doesn’t love a mini-food party?

    PS, RIP for real!

  2. this party looks pretty major!! i’m trying to remember what i did for my 10th birthday party but i guarantee the desserts were not as fun as this!

  3. So pretty…tasty…Miss Millie is so blessed that you could be there to help make it sooooo amazing!! I love you..and am sorry about that Mac..

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