12 Fall Favorites

Fall Favs // take a megabite

It’s fall, you guys. Turn the oven up and the heat down!

Below are my current favorite things! A weird mishmash of kitchen things, edibles, and beauty biz.

12 Fall Favorites:

one //
These Salt & Pepper Shakers make me so happy. They were the best surprise! I plan on keeping them on display for my whole life. AND the holes are big enough for kosher salt which I think is just super thoughtful. Looking for cute shakers? These deer ones might need to be yours.

two //
This six-pack of Beer Candles  are perfect for your next party situation. Top a funfetti cake!

three //
This vintage Recipe Book has my heart. It’s a little binder that you can use to organize your own recipe ideas! The pages like the illustrated one shown is an envelope in case you want to organize recipes you cut out of magazines and stuff. I want to take it with me everywhere. This one is similar-ish.

four //
I put my coffee maker in the basement for a hot minute so I had more counter space. The next thing I knew Detroit flooded and so did my coffee maker. I decided to go the French Press route, and well, what would Beyonce do? Get a gold one, probably.

five //
Tiny Pumpkins, you guys. I bought this one for Elliot and he sniffed it and lost interest since he can’t eat it, BUT it’s cute none the less. It’s about the the size of an apple. My mom is also a pumpkin collector, so maybe I got my love for them from her?

six //
I’m crazy about Vintage Dansk Pots. So when I saw this mustard yellow enamel-ware dream, I snatched it right up. I’d like to make soup soon just to see how it looks in such a lovely pot, ya know?

seven //
I found this Pineapple Bowl Set at an estate sale, and have totally served up Funfetti Salad in it, and also salsa for a chips and salsa situation. They’re kinda perfect for all kinds of things!

eight //
Zooey Deschanel wore White Nail Polish a bunch on the last season of New Girl and so I totally painted my nails white thinking it looked totally cool on her. It’s now my favorite shade! I don’t even care that it’s after Memorial Day.

nine //
Barritt’s Ginger Beer is pretty much the cutest. That’s why I started getting it. I need cute ginger beer for Moscow Mules, for real. It turns out I really love it!

ten //
West Elm opened up by me… So I popped in and got some gold flatware! I’m a fool though, and thought I was getting a set of 4, but instead got a single set. Eating mac & cheese feels pretty glamorous with them. Eventually I’ll get a few more sets for guests and hunks.

eleven //
I haven’t worn perfume for years! I’ve been workin’ a scent of Tide laundry detergent, Static Guard, and Pomegranate Deodorant. A real winning combo. Anyhow, my friend Pam at Scout totally helped me figure out what I wanted to smell like, and it’s Gin & Rosewater. Who knew?!

twelve //
Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Ice Cream is just so good. I do like it straight-up, but I personally love to sandwich it between two salted chocolate chunk cookies and pop them in the freezer for surprise dessert.

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  1. Nice round-up, m’lady! I just spent the last few months cleaning out my MIL’s basement, and you would.not.believe. the treasures I have unearthed. I have one wooden pineapple, and I think I found the card holder twin to your recipe book…I wish I had more wall space for all the glorious kitsch!

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