Yeah Whatever Wednesday No.1

Yeah Whatever Wednesday // take a megabite

GUYS! It’s Wednesday, but yeah whatever. I’m not into the phrase “hump day”, but I like to think of my week half full? I got a manicure yesterday to give myself life and I’m getting pizza tonight because of goals.

The scoop is below.

I peeped this mani on Pinterest and totally got it. If you’re local, check out Luxury Nails in Clawson. I got a shellac mani with a yellow polish, gold glitter and eyeballs. What else is there?

I’ve been eating this Vegan Roasted Veggie Bowl erryday. Except I’ve been eating it with quinoa and topping it with marinated tofu a la this bahn mi. (“How to cook quinoa” is my last google search. This stuff happens when you throw out the box.)

Can’t stop thinking about this CHOCOLATE BROWNIE ICE CREAM on Hungry Girl Por Vida. And mad love to this girl for being the bomb. I stress ate one of these yesterday so yeah, chocolate is my BFF.

Love this Baked Tofu idea! Did it for my lunches this week. Savory marshmallows in everything!

These Maple Syrup Cinnamon Rolls from The Kitchen Paper have me feeling like Elf when he put syrup on spaghetti, but in a good and super classy way.

I wanna Avocado Bread with you. Or mostly i want to make this and put it in my watermelon bag for picnics and eat it by the Detroit River like besties.

Should THIS be my next mani?

I’m really into make-up and skin care all of a sudden. I blame my spontaneous eyebrow insecurity. I felt like my eyebrows were grampa-esque… So here are my my recent face faves: Khiels Moisturizer FTW! Tarte Amazonian Clay has changed things for me, my eyebrows and mostly my face. As well as the Tarte liquid eyeliner of my dreams because it’s made a cat eye possible for me. I can’t believe it.

A few more things I’m thinking about:
this purse, this phone case, this photo, this reminder, this truth/shirt, and this dream garage.

P.S. Recipes are to come, you lovely people! Right now my sink is full of dishes and I look forward to coffee every morning more than one should. I’m over here trying to sort out how to balance life while living and posting and hugging my pup and drinking coffee hanging with the clouds and eating pizza. XOXO

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  1. This series is the best! I make that roasted veggie bowl ALL THE TIME because it is addictingly delicious and is an excuse to make peanut fairy dust to sprinkle over the entire thing.

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