Workin' It

Workin’ It: Cheese

Fromage for life. Seriously.

So pretty much, I’m always hungry. Working on things like this makes my stomach growl more than usual.

And there’s nothing quite like the classy snack of cheese and crackers. You can’t go wrong. Let’s toast to mini toasts. Let’s toast to cheese.

Fall 2011 // Detroit Home Magazine
Styling by Aleene Jinn George
Photographs by Martin Vecchio
Art Direction / Design / Crumb-arranging by me

Cheese provided by Zingerman’s and The Toasted Oak
Other goodness provided by Westborn Market

9 thoughts on “Workin’ It: Cheese”

  1. You do amazing work! It looks like your job is the one I always wanted to have when I grew up! I like the links provided for local goods, too. Shopping for good stuff is my favorite pastime.

  2. Thanks Kimberly!

    Art Direction is planning a shoot with a specific look in mind to see an editorial concept come to life. For this one, I worked with a stylist who pulled products to to make it look rustic, and fall-y and moody. And worked with a photographer with lighting skillz.

    Then at the shoot the stylist and I work together to set up each shot while I make sure there is the right amount of negative space on the page for type. And then once the shoot is all over with I design the pages with the type provided by the editors.

    So basically, art direction is seeing an idea all the the way through; from the concept, to the shoot, to the page. While, styling is working with the art directors to get products to make the concept really work. Hope I make sense!


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