Glazed Donuts

Donuts are a gateway food. I mean, every time someone brings donuts to work, or to a photo shoot, I keep it cool and (almost always) contain myself. It’s because I know that in my heart I just want to eat at least three of them. (A sprinkle one, a chocolate one, and a blueberry one.) So I finally made them! With a variety of glazes, to boot. So you better believe I ate three.…

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I went to New York!

Last Friday I arrived in New York hungry. My friend Kathy and I arrived at our lovely friend Erica‘s house late-ish Friday night. We were super hungry and the cocoa almonds we ate on the plane just weren’t cutting it. So, Erica took us to The Meatball Shop where I ate every single bite of a Meatball Smash-wich — spicy pork meatballs, tomato sauce, and provolone on brioche. I ordered a side of kale risotto worth…

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The Katie Salad

My friend, Katie, is the coolest. She’s the cutest and most fun. She also makes really good salads. This one is my favorite. Partly because it has avocado in it, but mostly because it’s delicious. Honestly, I wish I had this in my fridge all the time for snacking. And the bleu cheese makes it so good! You barely need any dressing. So you guys should probably make this, and be the most popular person…

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