[Party Time Tip] Framboise Floats

Framboise Floats // take a megabite

Hey Guys! I want to start doing a little quick party time tip type post here and there. And this little dessert is one of my favorites. It’s the easiest thing to get together if you’re having a few friends over and want to have a tasty dessert that looks/tastes awesome without much effort at all.

The truth is, I should’ve brought these to my friends’ house for pizza the other weekend…

Framboise Floats // take a megabite

You see, I was going to make a Guiness pudding pie, and I somehow ruined the pudding. It broke and separated and was awful. So I tried to make another simple chocolate pudding and messed up THAT ONE too. And at this point there was major time constraints… I ended up putting that cocoa puff ice cream I made in the pie crust, topping it with fudge and sprinkles and hoping for the best. And the pie was ok, but did NOT slice cute. I totally got embarrassed cutting it with everyone watching me.

So next time the pudding fails pile up with the dishes flee the scene and pick up some framboise, vanilla ice cream, and some party straws. I promise these will be a hit!

Framboise Floats // take a megabite

Framboise Floats (servings vary)


  • vanilla ice cream
  • Framboise (Lambic fruity beer of your dreams.)


  1. Scoop ice cream into your favorite cups. Top with Framboise. Garnish with berry skewers and washi tape flags. LIVE YO LIFE.

P.S. There’s no recipe pdf because let’s be honest, this is just too darn easy.

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39 thoughts on “[Party Time Tip] Framboise Floats”

  1. Eeee, the cutest in the world! A strong drink that is also dessert, I am so behind this idea. I love framboise! I love pink! I love washi flags! Girl, you got it going on. So sorry about your dessert mishaps. Secretly, as someone who is not good at desserts reading the blog of someone who is great at desserts….. it helps to know I’m not the only one sometimes <3 I bet they loved your ice cream pie!

  2. I’m not a good party-thrower, but I feel like with your tips I could be less lame. These floats are the cutest!
    You need a kitchen assistant to take care of your messes and free you to do more fabulosity.

  3. I saw your tweet about pudding problems and I was feelin’ so bad for ya, girl! Been there! One time I made a homemade funfetti cake for my birthday and invited a group over and it was HORRIBLE. The cake was too dense, too flat and I tried to decorate the top with pop rocks and they melted into the frosting for the uncutest cake ever. We all need tasty dessert-defaults like this one for emergencies! Pretty in pink no less!

  4. Such a pretty dessert to serve! Sorry to hear about your pudding mishaps, pudding can be temperamental!
    And I always get so nervous when I serve my stuff at parties in the such… will it look good? will people like it?

  5. I go through phases with pudding! Sometimes it’s the EASIEST thing in the world to make, and other times I CANNOT make it work. What the hell pudding? These look like the perfect antidote to my pudding problem.

  6. YES! I had something like this at Pix Patisserie in Portland many years ago, and fell in love. Those dinner party fails are the stressiest – so clever to have something as simple and elegant as this in your back pocket. Thanks!

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