Just a Mini Peanut Sampler Giveaway


THE WINNER IS SARAH G! Check your e-mail, gf, because you won.

Lush Gourmet Giveaway // take a megabite

Guys! Snacks are a big deal. Cute snacks are an even bigger deal. So, I’d like you guys to be able to have the cutest little peanut snack from Lush Gourmet.

Lush Gourmet Giveaway // take a megabite

Check out these super awesome flavors: Cinnamon Spice, Coffee, Dark Cocoa Chili, Salt & Pepper, Original, and Hot Curry. I mean… you kinda can’t go wrong. I love the savory and sweet options, ya know?

Lush Gourmet Giveaway // take a megabite

GIVEAWAY: So, I really want you guys to snack on some cute little satchels of peanuts. All you have to do is follow Take a Megabite and Lush Gourmet on Instagram. Comment telling me that you’re following us and you’ll be entered to win The Deluxe Mini Peanut Sampler featured in this post. For another chance to win “like” Lush and me on Facebook and leave a second comment. Hashtag honor system.

The contest will close in one week, on Wednesday, December 10, at 6pm (EST). Boom shaka laka.

Lush Gourmet Giveaway // take a megabite

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