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Grilled Cheese Party

Over the summer my entire immediate family was in town! This is rare, you see. We’re split up between Michigan, Illinois, and Minnesota. So I figured it’d be fun to get a family portrait or two taken. We don’t really have very many family pictures together.

I asked my homegirl Cybelle Codish if she’d be down with taking a few photos, and she said yeah!

It turned out the photos were going to be taken at lunch time, so it only made sense to have food.

That particular weekend was busy with plenty of other family things, so I thought a grilled cheese party would be just right!

I bought a bunch of baguettes from Holiday Market. (They even sliced them for me!) I wanted everyone to be able to try a bunch of grilled cheese combos, so the sandwiches were small.

And so my family came over! And we made grilled cheese on my sister’s countertop griddle. It made for easy sandwich making.

We had sweet and savory options. My favorite one was the brie and strawberry jam. I still daydream about it.

I made some tissue paper poufs and matched them to my Grandma’s tablecloth as a backdrop for our photo.

My niece, Amelia, totally got to hang out, too. She helped me label the cheeses and finish the Nutella.

McClure’s Pickles are where it’s at. I got the garlic dill one for this particular party. (Normally Jake and I get the spicy ones!) Pickles are tasty on a grilled cheese with sharp cheddar and garlic mustard.

Oh! And this is my family! I’m lucky to have them. I’m glad they braved the summer heat to eat mini grilled cheese with me.

We had so much fun. All the tasty food distracted us from the scorching temperatures. It was in the 90’s that day.

We went to Eastern Market the day before so I could get these lovely flowers. They fit just right with the color of my ball jar. And they died promptly when the party ended.

Below are the menu options Jake and I came up with. I’m glad they all fit on the chalkboard!

All photos by Cybelle Codish; here’s her blog: Shoot Happens!

30 thoughts on “Grilled Cheese Party”

  1. Oh man… I’m dreaming about grilled cheese with pesto now… mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Gonna have to get my griddle out this weekend!

  2. I had a grilled cheese party not too long ago, not quite so fancy as yours (we didn’t decorate, we just ate) but still quite fun.

    I love the sounds of brie and strawberry jam grilled cheese sandwiches.

  3. A glorious day to remember,especially since today is FREEZING here! It was so fun Megan..thanks for allll you did to make our week end fun and tasty!

  4. Thanks Jen! <3

    The trays are from various estate sales. My mom has been getting them for me over the past couple years. They are vintage treasures.

    Happy Friday back at you!

  5. I love your website, and have used some of your recipes….they are fun. Just wondering, did you make that chalkboard? It is so cute. I love it.


    1. Thanks, Robyn! Yeah, I totally made it.

      I bought the frame from Ikea and then painted the glass with chalkboard paint. Boom! Chalkboard!

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